Special Bar Quality / Merchant Bar Quality

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SBQ represents a wide variety of higher-quality carbon and alloy bars that are used in the forging, machining and cold-drawing industries for the production of automotive parts, hand tools, electric motor shafts and valves. SBQ generally contains more alloys than merchant quality and commodity grades of steel bars, and is produced with more precise dimensions and chemistry.

Merchant quality bars are used for structural and similar miscellaneous bar applications involving moderate cold bending, moderate hot forming, punching, and welding as used in the production of noncritical parts. Moderate cold bending involves a generous bend radius with the axis of the bend transverse to the direction of rolling.
ASTM A575 - 96(2007) Standard Specification for Steel Bars, Carbon, Merchant Quality, M-Grades
ASTM A576 - 90b(2012) Standard Specification for Steel Bars, Carbon, Hot-Wrought, Special Quality